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There aren't a lot of free programs available in Windows to edit video in a linear way. Windows Movie Maker is one option, but it's not always appropriate.

If you need to create your own video, and you don't have a program that can join, cut, and paste the frames, Wax is a video composition tool that also allows you to apply special effects to your sequences.

It's unfortunate that the only video input format supported is AVI; and for sound, WAV. Output formats are more varied: AVI, MPEG, WAV, Flash, etc.

Wax can also act as a plug-in with other programs like Sony Vegas Studio, Adobe Premiere, VirtualDub, or Windows Movie Maker.

Transitions, 3D text, particle generator, explosions, and 3D models are some of the effects that you can insert into a movie clip with Wax.
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